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How would you like to share your thoughts, ideas and life experiences with our readership across the whole GetSuccess Network? We’re always looking for fresh content to share.

If you have information that you feel our readership would love to hear about, we are interested in hearing more from you. Please glance through our content network to get a flavour for the sort of information our readership would be interested in.

We work with a network of writers to produce unique and high quality content.

Prior to submitting your news to us, please carefully read our editorial guidelines below.


Here are a few content guidelines:

  • Business, Mindset and Wealth are our core areas of focus. Primarily we look for content covering those 3 key areas.
  • All content must be informative and of interest to our readership in general and not just a small demographic.
  • Articles and content submitted must be a minimum of 500 words. We’re also happy to take content of extensive length with a view to creating several featurettes or a mini-series.
  • Please reduce to a minimum any formatting of your content. Plain text is easier for our editorial team to make determinations.
  • Your content should be broken up naturally with the use of subheadings. Lists are fine but content mustn’t be confined to purely lists. There must also be explanatory, introductory and concluding paragraphs that helps set the context of the lists. Have a look at the content throughout our Network to see how we prefer our content to be formatted.
  • We don’t require images along with content submissions. Our editorial team will select appropriate images to appear alongside content. If you really feel that your own image should be used alongside the content, then please make a note at the bottom of your content and a member of our editorial team will be in touch.
  • We can not accept content that has already been published elsewhere. Originality is important to our readership (this excludes quotes!). By submitting content to us, you confirm that the content your provide is all your own original work and doesn’t breach any copyright laws.


If you have read our content guidelines above and feel that you would be able to meet these submission guidelines, then do please go ahead and send in your content in the following format:

  • Provide the content in text format.
  • Provide a suggested title for your content. Remember, your title needs to be interesting and creative.
  • Provide a short author bio to introduce yourself to our readership (including your first and last name).
  • Please create a Gravatar account (http://en.gravatar.com) using your email address. This will attach your current profile photo automatically to your author bio.

Please send your content to news@getsuccess.com. In the subject line of the message, place the word SUCCESSCONTENT. Do not send any attachments with your email, just text in the body of the email.

Thank-you and we look forward to receiving your content…

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